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Over the past 20+ years, Gareth has honed his skills as a versatile musician, proficient in various genres. His journey began as a vocalist, and he soon expanded his repertoire to include guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica allowing him to contribute to a wide array of musical projects.


Gareth's expertise extends beyond the stage, as he has also excelled in the recording studio environment. His extensive experience in studio settings has made him adept at both the technical and creative aspects of music production. He possesses a deep understanding of sound engineering, mixing, and mastering, allowing him to shape and refine music to its highest potential.


Music Production Diploma

Recognising the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, Gareth sought out a vocational education program that integrated industry-leading equipment into it's curriculum. This commitment to technology in music allowed him to explore innovative techniques in sound design, and music production tools, gaining proficiency in recording, mixing, and mastering, utilising the latest hardware and software to produce professional-quality music that stands out in the digital age. 


Embracing the opportunity to explore various musical styles and genres during his education, Gareth's versatility as a songwriter expanded, allowing him to craft songs that spanned multiple genres. This diverse repertoire showcased his adaptability and ability to connect with different audiences.

Through years of dedicated practice and continuous growth, Gareth started to incorporate a cinematic quality into his songwriting. He began to explore music's power to evoke imagery and emotions, leading to a fascination with the synergy between music and visual storytelling. This pivotal moment marked the inception of his journey into film composition.


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